Fat Removal Technology is Now Available

Been trying to get into shape through conventional means like dieting and exercising and not getting the desired results? Try a great flab blasting mechanism called fat cavitation that’s literally creating waves these days. Fat cavitation is also known as cavitation-liposuction, lipo-cavitation, body contouring, body sculpting, vacuum therapy and ultrasonic liposuction. Call it by whatever name, it basically means It’s liposuction through ultrasonic waves without using any incision or surgery.

The best thing is that one single sitting of up to 45 minutes can actually reduce the targeted body zone by 1-5 cms. Results differ from patient to patient, of course. fat removal machines The science behind the process is simple. Low frequency ultrasound waves when applied to a targeted body area, penetrate skin surface and break down fat cells accumulated underneath, a process known as lipolysis which converts fats into compounds named triglycerides that are further broken into glycerol and fatty acids which are then metabolized by the liver and flushed out of the body within 72 hours. Also, there is no need to worry about the good tissues and vessels in your body, fat cavitation works on fat cells only.

Fat cavitation is a safe procedure. • You need neither hospitalization nor recuperation time. • As there are no incisions, no anaesthesia is needed. • It is not painful. A minor zing, some heat and the work is done. • Fat cavitation does not touch your good cells; it works on fat cells only. • Thirst is the only major side effect and that’s eminently quenchable by sipping loads of water. Some people may feel a little nausea and redness. Most side effects disappear in a few hours or days.

Even though it is quite safe, a fat cavitation machine are not advised for pregnant/ lactating women and cardiac, kidney and liver patients. Do check with your doctor before starting the treatment. Fat cavitation Costs Well, this is the only sore spot in this hot fat melting treatment. Fat cavitation is not for those who have light and tight pockets.

Treatments begin at $ 150 per body region. Similar to other popular ipl laser treatments, fat cavitation is becoming more and more accepted throughout the beauty community as an option for reducing body fat from certain areas of the body.